The inaugural Newcastle Photography Festival in October 2014 was a celebration of photography inspired by Joseph Swan and his adventures with carbon, collodion and light.

Swan and other early photographic pioneers continue to inspire us and inevitably we find ourselves planning our second Newcastle Photography Festival which will run for a week from Monday 17th October through to Sunday 23rd October 2016 here in Newcastle upon Tyne.

We are busy putting together a programme of events and are looking for people and businesses to collaborate with. Are you a business looking to sponsor an event? Are you a photographic enthusiast willing to join our merry band of volunteers? Please get in touch.

Festival Summary

This years Festival has been well attended, with workshops and demonstrations fully booked . The talks with presentations by Sheila Masson and Jack Lowe were popular as was Derek Greenacre with his Victorian magic lantern show. Each of these events, which were held at Neville Hall, the home of The North East of England Institute of Mining and Electrical Engineers , were followed by a questions and answers session. Each of the sessions could have lasted a great deal longer as we were listening to in depth answers from people who know their subjects. A big thanks to Chris and Linda Harrison for helping the Skipsey album come to life, Keith Moss and Phil Punton for their excellent workshops and to Chris Madge and Trevor Samson for the gum bichromate and salt print demos. Also to Michael O'Grady for helping us with a darkroom at the last minute.

We must thank all the people who attended the various events, some returning again and again. All those who made generous donations on the days and through gofundme, this helped us to pay for advertising brochures and the expenses of the people presenting and demonstrating, the hire of gallery space and venues.

Thanks to the Lit. and Phil. and The Mining Institute for making us welcome and doing everything possible to make things easy for us.

Thanks to Rebecca at NewBridge Project for her assistance with the Gallery.

To all the exhibitors for their help in making the Gallery exhibition so diverse and attending to talk to people about their work.

The small team of personnel (they know who they are) who have helped to put on the Festival , all of whom understood that they would have to give their time freely. And all the Festival volunteers who came, helped and enjoyed from as far afield as Gateshead, Gosforth, County Durham and Bulgaria. Its been a joy.

A big thanks to Mark and Mickey at Everthingismydesign, Chris Hurst, webmaster and Tony Henderson who managed to get us exceptional newspaper coverage.

As a result of the Festival, there is an interest in setting up a permanent Skipsey archive in the City.

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A celebration of photography inspired by Joseph Swan and his adventures with carbon, collodion and light