2022 Facts & Figures About UGCs

Social proof is a sign of authenticity and reputability. That is why a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights its importance as a website element. Even a social media agency Hong Kong never doubts the power of user-generated content to boost conversion and engagement. While for a video marketing agency Hong Kong, a user-generated-content is a valuable subject for enticing short clips.


UGC literally means user-generated content. They are posts made by the consumer itself. They can either be a how-to, rating, recommendation, review, testimonial, tutorial, unboxing, etc. They can be in the form of audio, images, texts, and videos.

UGCs can be posted by a brand loyalist, customer, or employee. They can be used as marketing material in every step of the buyer’s journey. They can boost conversion and engagement. They can even expand the reach of a brand or business. Today, you can think of UGC as word-of-mouth marketing in this modern day.


If you are thinking about integrating user-generated content into your digital marketing strategies, here are 2022 facts and figures about UGCs that you may need to know.

Ad Creative Averages

Around 85% to 95% of ads failed. But with UGCs, a brand or business can never go wrong. More than 64% of modern consumers share UGCs. More than 76% of them purchase a brand, product, or service because of UGC. Even 72% of people believed that reviews and testimonials made by customers are more credible than brands and businesses talking about their offerings.

Conversion and Engagement Stats

UGC has been an effective element in boosting conversion.

  • Around 96% of Instagram brands use UGC Stories.
  • The UGC market revenue is now at $3.58 billion.
  • UGC boosts conversion by more than 28% when combined with paid ads.
  • UGC videos receive 12 times more engagement than other ad formats.
  • UGCs outperform conventional ads by getting 20% to 50% more attention on social media.

Social Media Companies Investing In UGC

Leading social media platforms are investing in user-generated content. These include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

  • Meta enabled Facebook Reels to 150 countries to boost the posting of consumer clips. The platform even shares ad revenues with its creators at 55%.
  • Snapchat paid Spotlight creators around $250 million in 2021. It is in exchange for UGCs that highly engaged audiences.
  • TikTok now allows longer content of up to 10 minutes. It is to pave the way for human and unpolished video clips.

UGC Ad Creative Trends

The top UGC ad creative trends today are:

  • Casual real-time reactions and perspectives or commentaries.
  • Interactive communications in social media apps like Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.
  • Posting user and app action simultaneously or PIP (Picture-in-Picture video).
  • Testimonials from actors, influencers, and real users.
  • Third-party videos like how to play, use, or win on the app.
  • Tips and quizzes.