NEW2208-001 5 Best Types of Content to Post on LinkedIn

5 Best Types of Content to Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, the platform has around 830 million monthly active users in 200 countries globally. A social media agency Hong Kong highlights that LinkedIn started as a website for jobs and subscriptions in 2002. Today, it has become a diversified advertising and lead generation platform. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights that the platform is slowly evolving into eCommerce as it enabled video marketing.

Brands and businesses who want to build a good reputation in their niche or industry should start conquering the world of LinkedIn. It is the best network to grow your social media community. More than 80% of LinkedIn members are company decision-makers. Yet, compared to other social media channels, LinkedIn is a difficult beast to tame. Content may be lost if they are not relevant and right. That is why we have suggested the 5 best types of content to post on LinkedIn.

Blog Posts

A blog post is a long-form content focused on educating or giving information to people interested in a particular industry, niche, or topic. It is one of the best ways to update a website to fulfill a business need, for personal use, or to optimize SEO. Blog posts are also a way to attract new customers and nurture loyal followers. Around 61 million LinkedIn members are executives. After emails, LinkedIn is their go-to platform for business-related content. On LinkedIn, long blog posts between 1600 to 2500 words are more popular and shareable. They rank higher because most LinkedIn members search for in-depth information.

Native Video

LinkedIn launched its native video feature in 2017. It gives LinkedIn publishers the option to upload a video feed directly on the platform. The length of videos allowed is between 3 seconds to 10 minutes. Native videos have an auto-play and no audio sound features. LinkedIn members perceive these digital pieces of content as more authentic and trustworthy. To run up engagement numbers, animations, recaps, and short interviews are the best examples of native videos on LinkedIn that work.

Photography And Illustrations

Visuals are a very commanding medium as LinkedIn Content. As most say: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” An image conveys emotion and sets tones for the audience. They can generate engagement by 650% more than non-image posts. As the brain process images 60,000 faster than language, they can also aid brand recall on the LinkedIn platform.

Text Only

Even though LinkedIn is not as massive as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, it can be a go-to hub for quality text LinkedIn content. Consistent and quality posting of text content can increase brand awareness and produce thought leadership. Positioning a brand or business as a thought leader on LinkedIn is the most effective and fastest way to boost brand reputation. Some best examples are discussing new learning, promoting hacks, or sharing expert tips.

Third-Party Content

LinkedIn is a networking platform. So, you should not talk only about yourself in your LinkedIn content. Sharing 3rd party content on LinkedIn can open up new opportunities for collaboration and partnership. There is no ideal content curation mix on LinkedIn. It depends on how much content a brand or business can diversify.