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Blogging Ideas for Your Content Calendar This 2021

Content marketing bridges the gap between what brands produce and what consumers actually want. This may be the reason why Bill Gates is very successful in promoting Microsoft. Remember, 25 years ago, he wrote an essay noting that “Content is king.” According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, the saying still holds true today. Content marketing has replaced traditional marketing for modern consumers. It reduces the pain points of the customer base or gives them pleasure by solving their issues. Most of the time, content marketing can be very challenging. But it can reap good results in brand awareness and conversions.

social media agency Hong Kong notes that more than 75% of businesses post blogs 1 to 4 times every week. This has always been an important part of their content marketing strategy. Brands and businesses have to create different types of blog posts so as not to bore their target audiences. They should keep their readers excited and crave more content to keep them as loyal followers. Below are blogging ideas for your content calendar this 2021.


  • Behind the Scenes. People want to see the more “human” side of a brand or business. There is no better way to demonstrate them than showing what’s behind the company curtain. Blog posts narrating behind-the-scenes highlights while conceptualizing products and services make the readers understand more of the company’s goals and values.
  • Case Studies. This type of blog post gives brands and businesses a chance to show how effective their offerings are. By relating how products and services benefited users and backing it up with data, you can go a long way toward establishing credibility. 
  • Contest Post. Who does not love free stuff? Blogging contest posts can get the crowd to be involved. Contest posts boost engagement by asking the audience to participate in exchange for a prize. This has been a kind of versatile marketing activity that has been used for many years.
  • Guest Post. Sometimes, it pays to ask other’s opinions. Like in content marketing, asking others to write for a guest piece can build credibility and expand your audience reach. Asking industry experts to write about their opinions gives brands and businesses the opportunity to see things from an objective point of view, which appeals more to the audiences.
  • Holiday Posts. Stay relevant and timely to your target audience by publishing holiday posts. It is also a chance for brands and businesses to celebrate with the community. Holiday posts are lighter and can create a fun atmosphere be it Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s, etc. 
  • How-To. People are constantly searching for how to do things. They want to learn new ways from time to time. How-to posts are your turn to take your expertise by simplifying the steps on using products and services. They are extremely valuable to your readers.
  • Interview Posts. Interview posts are all about connections. A blog post about an interview with a community expert, company CEO, happy customer, influencer, new employee, etc. brings out your content on a more honest level.
  • Latest Trends Posts. People love new things. That is why they go crazy getting to know new trends and viral content. Blog posts about the latest trends can help relate your brand to the current market. They are incredibly versatile if you can give your audience some insights on what will be the trends in the coming months or years.
  • List Post. A list of anything is extremely valuable among readers and target audiences. They are an excellent type of post for boosting engagement. List Posts may include eBooks, infographics, market strategies, recipes, travel destinations, etc.
  • Parody Posts. A parody is a comical imitation of someone’s ways or works. Not all blog posts have to be serious. Sometimes, you need to tickle the audience’s collective funny bone. This is to freshen up your connection with the target audiences using your knack for humor. All work and no play can be dull.
  • Problem and Solution Posts. Literally, everybody is searching for answers. They want the best solutions to their problems. If you can help readers solve their pain points through your blog posts, you can position yourself as a go-to expert in your industry or niche.
  • Product Promo. Write something about your new products or maybe your most popular product. Lay down their features and the values they can offer to a user. If you have a current promotion, you can highlight them on your blog posts to expand your promotional reach. 
  • Profile Post. A profile post focuses on helping the readers understand the message of a brand. More than a Q & A, it digs deeper into the goals that a brand sets moving forward. It also shows the value that they keep when creating products and services. Modern consumers prefer supporting a brand with a social cause. Profile posts are the best way to highlight what social cause you support among your audiences.
  • Quote Posts. People go to social media searching for ideas and inspiration. Blog posts with relevant and special quotes can deeply inspire the readers about a certain idea or theme. They are easy to write and inspiring to read.
  • Round-Up Posts. A round-up is a written article about an expert or several experts’ opinions. They give authority to a blog post and are an excellent way to boost engagement among social media audiences. Round-up posts typically resulted in more comments, likes, and shares on social media. 
  • Survey Posts. People love it when their voices are heard. Showcasing survey results on blog posts are excellent vehicles to increase overall engagement from the crowd. Getting them to involve allows deeper connections among brands and consumers.