Building Your Channel Audiences on YouTube

Building Your Channel Audiences on YouTube

Last year was a significant time for YouTube. As people turned to videos to replace physical activities and events, YouTube statistics increased. Being a video-sharing platform, it became the second most-used social media network in 2020. With 2.3 billion monthly active users, a video marketing agency Hong Kong has no doubt that a YouTube marketing strategy can greatly boost brand discovery and revenue. YouTube ads result in a 100% purchase intent lift. Around 70% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing them on YouTube. The company’s worth is around $140 to $300 billion today. 

According to a social media agency Hong Kong, the key to success in YouTube marketing is building a channel with a large number of followers. The higher number of followers a creator has on his/her YouTube channel, the more reactions and shares he/she gets for every content. With this massive exposure, brands can tap into the power of videos to promote their products and services. But how can you build your channel audiences on YouTube? We have some tips here!

Be Consistent in Branding Your YouTube Channel

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights the importance of being consistent in branding your YouTube channel. Once you created a YouTube channel, think about what colors, fonts, themes, and styles represent your brand. From there, establish a brand guideline, and use them on your channel art, description, icons, and trailers. You can also apply them to your graphics, thumbnails, and titles. Consistent branding in your YouTube channel allows viewers to identify you as a go-to channel for a specific niche. Thus, they come to your channel and stick to it. To optimize branding your YouTube channel, make your logo as simple as possible. A single image that sticks to people’s memory helps them understand what your videos are all about. To build a more intimate connection, make your YouTube channel an extension of what you are proud of. 

Find a Unique YouTube Niche

Many people already have a niche in mind before creating a YouTube channel. But the smartest way to build your channel audiences on YouTube is to find a unique niche. The platform has an overwhelming number of video content. To stand out, you must perform better or show something special that other channels don’t offer. To find a unique niche in YouTube, start with answering the question, “Why are you on YouTube?” in the first place. The reason can dictate how you will run your YouTube channel. If you just want to grow a big YouTube channel, you can experiment with trends and updates when creating videos. If your target is to earn income out of your YouTube account, it is best to create videos promoting brands, products, and services. All the more, if you want to build a professional reputation, you can focus on creating videos about your expertise and knowledge in a specific industry. The best way to find a unique niche on YouTube is to fill the gap in a certain market. For example, if you want to make recipe videos, you may want to concentrate on creating low-budget recipes targeting budget-conscious people like housewives and students. 

Learn More About Your Target Audience

Building your channel audience on YouTube means learning more about your target audience. This is to keep your posts relevant to them now and in the future. Ask yourself what the audience wants to see and how to keep them coming back. The interest of audiences in YouTube is constantly changing. So, you will need to create unique videos that can attract new audiences and retain your existing channel followers. You can experiment with creating videos related to a trend, relevant topics useful to your target audience, or expert tips to make their lives easier. The key is to continuously find what your viewers crave. It may take watching other YouTube channels similar to your niche to discover what they want.

Perform a Thorough Research Before Making Videos

Researching means enhancing your knowledge with different ideas and things. Don’t forget to perform such a task if you want to build your channel audiences on YouTube. Conducting market analysis and competitor research can give you better insights into what videos you can post in the future. Reading and watching a lot of content related to your niche can give you ideas and inspirations to engage your viewers. You will also be able to hone your skills and the technology you are using when creating videos.

Post on YouTube Constantly

Constantly posting on YouTube can greatly help in building your channel audience. Most YouTubers spend an average of 40 minutes on the platform daily. Posting videos once or twice a week is a good schedule to follow on YouTube. But be sure that you have carefully edited and come up with well-crafted video content. Most YouTube experts recommend that the best time to post a video is between 12 Noon to 3 PM on a Thursday or Friday. Yet, the best way to build your channel audiences on YouTube is to post consistently at a specific time and day every week. In this way, people can anticipate when to see a new video on your YouTube channel and regularly find time to watch them.