How to Build an Audience on Instagram

How to Build an Audience on Instagram

Instagram is now a photo and video sharing app. Since 2010, it is a unique visual app that gives people a lot of creative ideas and a sense of inspiration. The platform has successfully leveled up visual content. Today, it was one of the biggest and most influential social networks in the world.

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights that Instagram plays a central role in shaping the popular culture of the 21st century. It gave rise to a genre called “influencer marketing.” With nearly 1.2 billion monthly active users (MAU), it is worth tapping into the power of marketing to audiences on Instagram.

According to a social media agency Hong Kong, Instagram has unique audiences and communities. A major are ages 25 to 34. The second-largest audience group is aged 18 to 24. This means that Instagram captures the millennials and Gen Zers. Yet, the platform also has a strong influence among Generation X. 

Below, let us explore ways on how to build an audience on Instagram

Consistent Posting Is the Key

Being active on Instagram is the key to attracting followers and boosting engagement. The sweet spot to build an audience on Instagram is to post at least once or twice per day. It makes the IG profile stay fresh and relevant to the audience. 

Convey Stories

A video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights that 500 million people tap into the power of Stories every day. As Madonna hums, “Papa, don’t preach,” Instagrammers shout the same thing. To build an audience on the platform, convey stories instead of preaching. Use creatives to stir the audience’s imagination about the message of a brand or business. 

Deliver Consistent Visuals

Studies show that 60% of successful Instagram brands deliver consistent visuals. To build an audience on Instagram, present your profile using uniform color, theme, and style. It boosts brand recall and positions your brand as reputable to the audience. 

Embrace Augmented Reality

AR has taken Instagram by storm since the platform opened up AR filters publicly.  For most brands and businesses, color enhancement and video effects have helped Instagram campaigns build an audience. It recreates the beauty and experience of ads and campaigns.

Hashtag for Targeting

A hashtag is a powerful Instagram element to build an audience. Whether you use branded or generic hashtags, the best strategy is to apply what is relevant to the IG post. Experiment with which hashtag standout. Try using a mix of industry-specific and trending hashtags. Better yet, use a consistent brand hashtag even on your profile bio.

Generate UGCs

Instagram equips its audiences with features and tools to post creative content. For brands and businesses to build an audience, an authentic and effective approach is to generate UGCs. User-generated content is more appealing to the audience. They can serve as a comparison and referral option to promote brands and businesses. 

Give GIFs a Chance

Over 1 billion GIFs exist on Instagram. They can be an appealing and cost-effective way to enhance videos. Give GIFs a chance to build an audience on Instagram via “boomerang.” It is a short sequence of stills looped backward or forward. It adds some fun that Instagrammers love.

Grow Your Instagram Audience Using Videos

There is no doubt videos are the most preferred content formats today. It is also the reason why Instagram shifted from a photo-sharing platform into a photo-and-video-sharing network. Stories are the main asset of Instagram videos. Such ephemeral content creates a sense of urgency for Instagrammers to view and engage in such posts. Reels are now starting to shine. Being fun and engaging, millennials and GenZers largely patronize them. Don’t forget IGTV. They are a great option in publishing long-form video content on Instagram. 

Influencer Marketing

Instagrammers strongly opposed traditional advertising. Partnering with influencers can help build an audience within the platform. They can help push brand messaging to a wider audience. Besides, their authoritative voices can greatly influence conversion and sales. 

Lead Generation Tactics

Converting your Instagram followers into email subscribers is a smart way to build an audience. By de facto, email still remains as a tactic to foster deeper relationships with modern consumers. Send weekly updates on product launches and promotions. Better yet, offer a clickable incentive that directly goes to a landing page.

Optimize CTAs

Sharing links on Instagram Stories is now open to the public. You can use them to optimize CTAs. Create a sense of urgency through time-limited sign-up offers or a freebie in exchange for contact details. You can also add traffic and build an audience using these links as CTAs on your bio. 

Optimize SEO

An effective SEO strategy can also help build an audience on Instagram. First, the @name and account name should clearly reflect the brand or business name, or niche. Crafting alt-txt and meta descriptions on images and video can also optimize SEO. Think of words that people commonly search for.