Retargeting Facebook and Instagram Ads

Retargeting Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook’s family of apps includes Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. The platform is looking to streamline its ads and messaging system into a single platform. According to a social media agency Hong Kong, Facebook and Instagram ads are the most popular among advertisers and marketers. First, this is because of the large number of reaches. Facebook has 2.85 billion users, while Instagram recently surpassed its 1 billion user mark. Second, both platforms allow advertisers and marketers to scale ads through retargeting. So, it might be productive to look at the basics of retargeting Facebook and Instagram ads.

What Are Facebook Ads?

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong defines Facebook Ads as any kind of content created using Facebook Ads Manager. These ads are targeted based on the demographics, location, and profile information of a Facebook user. They can be blog articles, carousels, collections, images, infographics, or videos. They can also be click-through ads, flash sales, instant experiences, memes, etc. To create an ad on Facebook or Instagram, there is a need to set a bid, budget, and objective for either each click or thousand impressions an ad may receive. 

In 2020, Facebook ads revenue amounted to $27.2 billion. Year over year, the platform recorded a 25% increase in its advertising income. This is very impressive despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic among businesses all over the world. With 200 million small businesses on the platform, Facebook Ads are more likely to stay.

What Are Instagram Ads?

To put it simply, Instagram Ads are in-between Instagram Stories and news feeds labeled with a “Sponsored” tag. They are used to promote products and services within the platform. Their main goal is to boost the number of followers on branded accounts, build awareness, and increase engagement. Here are 3 ways to build an Instagram ad:

  • By promoting post made within the Instagram app
  • Through the use of Facebook Ads Manager to set up ads
  • With the help of Instagram partners such as ad agencies, creators, and influencers

Around 71% of US businesses use Instagram. That is why 7 out 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded content. They can generate 4x more interactions than Facebook ads. On the other hand, 50% of Instagrammers follow at least 1 brand. As they say, it is rarely the main intention of an Instagram user to shop for products and services within the platform. However, the photo-sharing app has largely influenced their buying decisions. A video marketing agency Hong Kong uses Instagram Stories to reach 500 million Instagrammers. A third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories came from brands. All of these statistics just showed that it is worth retargeting Instagram ads.

What Is Facebook and Instagram Ads Retargeting?

Facebook and Instagram Ads Retargeting is a PPC strategy to show ads to people who are already familiar with a brand. Marketers can use Facebook and Instagram to inspire users to rediscover what they love about a brand or a business. Retargeting helps you advertise to people who have visited your app, Facebook Page, shop, or website. It also uses dynamic ads to show users the items that they are most interested in. Plus, it also builds brand loyalty by showing new products to your best customers.

Retargeting Facebook and Instagram Ads

The first step to retargeting Facebook and Instagram Ads is to redefine your remarketing goals. The most common remarketing goals are:

  • Growing an email list
  • Increasing traffic
  • Product and services promotions

All these 3 remarketing goals can result in an increase in conversion and sales. They aim to convert the target audiences into subscribers then eventually into buyers and loyal customers.

The second step is to segment your Facebook and Instagram audience. This means retargeting users who have shown interest in your Facebook page, post, product, or website. There are different ways to retarget your audience on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Cookie retargeting boomerangs users who have visited your site using a Facebook or Instagram snippet.
  • Customer retargeting means segmenting customers who have made a purchase and who have not made any purchase. This means offering welcome discounts to interested users and giving loyalty discounts to existing customers. 
  • Email retargeting means segmenting an email list to Facebook and Instagram as lookalike audiences. They can be very powerful in generating new leads and traffic.
  • SEM/SEO retargeting means displaying ads to shoppers who have searched using a particular keyword. This means using keywords that match a brand, business, product, or service. By knowing the shopper’s intent, Facebook and Instagram retargeted ads can highly drive conversion. 

The Bottom Line

Retargeting Facebook and Instagram ads means understanding your customer’s journey. They may have an interest in buying a product but need more information about it. They may want to make a purchase but don’t know how to do so. In any way possible, brands should create remarketing ads that make the buying journey easier.