Social Media Design Trends for 2022

Social Media Design Trends for 2022

Social media is currently the fiercest weapon in digital marketing. As a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong noted, it is imperative for brands and businesses to create different social media pages to expand their reach among target audiences.

For a social media agency Hong Kong, graphic design is a key element to stand out in social media. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights the importance of design to boost brand awareness and recognition. They captivate the user’s attention, convey a clear message, and create a positive image.

There are many tools to create a good social media design. But if you want to level up your social media pages, it is best to keep yourself updated with social media design trends for 2022.

What Is a Social Media Design?

Social media design refers to the creation, development, and planning of social media content. A good social media design boosts brand recognition and helps content resonate with the target audiences. Every brand and business starts with a brand identity before designing social media pages.

A social media design evolved around a fixed theme to represent the ideals and values of a brand. The balance, color, contrast, hierarchy, space, and template follow a specific standard. In general, it is the total of all creative assets of brands and businesses.

Importance of Social Media Designs

Social media designs offer a wide range of benefits to brands and businesses. Here are some reasons why one should start focusing on leveling them up.

  • Social media design boosts brand recognition. Visuals often receive higher social media engagements. Images, infographics, and videos can help brands and businesses highlight the values they can offer.
  • Social media design catches the audience’s attention. People’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. With a creative eye-catching design, brands and businesses will surely catch the audience’s attention.
  • Social media design makes a page look professional. To attract social media users’ attention, brands and businesses should build a professional image. It starts with a consistent and creative social media design relevant to their niche.
  • Social media design sends a clear message to the audience. Sharing facts and information with the use of graphics and visuals make it easier for people to understand brand messaging. It also allows brand recall.

Tailwind is a social media advertising and designs solution. The team started in 2011 sharing Pinterest insights. Today, they are also sharing analyses and studies across multiple social media channels. Recently, the team conducted a study about the emerging social media design trends of 2022. Here’s a recap!

Colors. Cool misty green and rich clay tones dominate the color palettes of 2022. The most popular are the following:

  • Breezeway
  • Fresh Laundry
  • Evergreen Fog
  • Meadow Cottage
  • October Mist

These hues of nature are at the forefront of designs and paintings after the pandemic. Veri Peri is the Pantone color of the year. It is a mix of red and violet heavily laced with blue.

Elements. Matisse motifs, plastic florals, and Zen-inspired lines aired familiarity. freedom, and movement in social media design. These elements balance the organic and physical world. They are also a pop culture play element among the millennials.

Patterns. Shapes & textures constantly change. The Checkerboard becomes a vintage split on. It is a revival of the timeless classic social media design. Round edges like half moobs, semi-circles, and soft orbs invite inner virtual peace. Stenciled blooms dominated fashion and social media. Such a cottage core design steadily upgrades contrast and vibrance.

Styles. Many brands and businesses showcase flat and simple styles in their social media content. Natural shadow interrupts the light in a product showcase. Subtle dimensions render 3D animations. A two-tone glow tantalizes the eye with a crisp background.


Although many social media trends surge year after year, brands and businesses should keep a consistent social media design for branding.