Pinterest Trends

The 2022 Pinterest Trends Your Audience Will Love

It started as a virtual catalog app – Tote. But since mobile payments were not sophisticated in 2009, co-founder Ben Silberman switched the app to Pinterest. Pinterest was launched in March 2010. By December 2009, the platform already has 10,000 users. Being a social media network that provides ideas and inspiration, Pinterest currently has 478 global monthly active users.

According to a social media agency Hong Kong, what makes audiences love interest is the absence of noise from ads and campaigns unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. No wonder Pinterest is named one of Time Magazine’s Best Website in 2011. Today, what makes it good for marketing is that it allows sharing visual pins to other networks, as a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, has noted. Below are some 2022 Pinterest trends your audience will love!


According to a video marketing agency Hong Kong, Pinners love to head out for midnight escapades – NIGHT MOVES. It’s a good thing that mobile phones can now take good photos and videos even in the dark. Most Gen Zers are also all souped up in major vehicle makeovers for HOTTER WHEELS. The makeover typically includes sound system upgrades. 


Hairstyle is the in-thing when it comes to beauty. PUFF LOVE and REBEL CUTS will continue to spike. The most requested hairstyles are bob cut, buns, high-puff, mullets, and octopus. When it comes to nails, constellation art, desert, and geode are trending. 


Pinners love out-of-this-world parties. These are CELESTIAL CELEBRATIONS such as cloud 9 birthdays, cosmic parties, and sunshine-themed baby showers. The new happy hour is an AFTERNOON TEA. Pinners choose Darjeeling with a friend over drinks after work. There are also new reasons to celebrate ALT BASHES in 2022. Adoption, a bad breakup, an empty nest, and fresh milestones open up new chapters in life.


Get creative by accessorizing your whole body from crystal eyes to tooth gems. BE JEWELED brings the bling to everything by going beyond basic earrings, cuff, or layered necklaces. Colorful and vibrant outfits mean DOPAMINE DRESSING. All age and gender groups are now kicking with feel-good fits such as electric blue or rainbow dresses. CHECK YOURSELF with the checkered trend. Men will upgrade to tiled pattern clothes.


Manage your money like a boss thought FINPOWERMENT. New journeys toward financial literacy will drive millennials through financial education, property investments, and investment tips.

Food & Beverage

Ditch the cupcakes. Instead, BATTER UP with elaborate cakes to express moods. Bakers will be kneading 3D cakes, bubble cakes, and gravity-defying tier cakes that Pinterest audience from all generations will love – boomers, Gen Zers, and millennials. 

Hobbies & Interests

Boomers and Gen Xers now love playful pastimes. As such, they will be KIDDING AROUND with fairy bedroom ideas, indoor swings, and useful crafts to bring their inner child out. BESTIE AESTHETICS like tarots and tattoos are the new friendship bracelets. 


CURVE APPEAL is what the Pinterest audience will love in 2022. People will invest in curved home decors like bars, couches, and kitchen islands. They will also make luxurious makeovers of their nooks and crannies like the basement or laundry room. Plant-first design solutions such as biophilic interiors, floral ceilings, and staircase gardens will also top the trends. 


Pamper pets with barkitecture. People will redesign their homes this 2022 with Fido and Felix luxuries. 


Looking for an all-inclusive journey? THE LAST RESORT will be a beautiful escapade where travelers will not lift a finger. 


Most people are planning to add EMOTIONAL ESCAPE ROOMS in their homes. This allows them to decompress rage and vibe via a crystal, music, and rage rooms. Get ready to FLEXERCISE with mellow ways to move your body. Then, educate girls with MINDFUL MENSTRUATION to stay healthy.