Tips to Grow Your Audience in Social Media

Tips to Grow Your Audience in Social Media

There are around 3.96 billion social media users today. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong notes that more than half of the world’s population uses social networks to connect with friends, find information, and shop for products online. That is why a social media agency Hong Kong highlights the importance of growing the page followers of brands and businesses. For a video marketing agency Hong Kong, it is not just a thousand followers that every brand or business will need. What is important is to keep the number increasing from day to day. Below are some tips to grow your audience on social media.

Collaborate Everywhere

They said two heads are better than one. We say the more, the merrier. Collaboration in social media is the best way to reach new audiences. Brands and businesses should reach out to other brands, businesses, creators, influencers, and loyal followers. Enter into partnerships that can benefit both parties. That is the essence of social networking.

Create FAQs

Brands and businesses receive common queries regularly. It may be about a discount, payment options, product availability or options, return policy, shipping options, warranty, etc. Sometimes the queries may be about the brand or business itself. It will be smart to take these common questions and transform them into FAQs. It is an informative concept that makes buying easier for your target audiences. They keep people educated about the brand, business, and offerings.

Get Social on Social

The key to growth in social media is to get social. Take time to interact with your audience every day. Actively participate in community discussions. Support a good and positive cause to sustain your brand or business. A simple hello or thank you can mean a lot to grow your social media audience.

Repackage and Repurpose

Remember evergreen content. Such pieces of the post relate to general audiences at any given season or time. They can be about the story of a brand or business, how an offering becomes the best solution to a problem, etc. Repurpose these pieces of evergreen content to fill your social media calendar. Other brands or businesses do it at the same time they repackage their social media pages.

Steal Like an Artist

Many social media posts are iterative. Sometimes, a post goes viral, and brands or businesses take advantage of it. You can also steal what is working well among your competitors. By adding a creative twist to such a popular topic, you can grow and reach interested audiences.

Trends are Your Friends

Social listening is the key to discovering trends quickly. If your offerings are relevant, you can jump on the bandwagon fast to highlight your business or brand. By doing so, the audiences’ eyes will be on your social media page as they appear and disappear.

You Need a Newsletter

Lead generation is still the best way to grow your social media audience. Collecting email addresses and sending weekly or monthly newsletters to your audience keep them informed of what is happening lately with a brand or business. In such a way, you get steady traffic to your websites to boost online visibility and reach new audiences.