Why Do Hong Kong Businesses Hire Digital Marketing Agencies?

Why Do Hong Kong Businesses Hire Digital Marketing Agencies?

There are 7.52 million people in Hong Kong as of January 2021. Among them are 6.92 million are Internet users. That is equivalent to 92% of the total population. No wonder the Hong Kong market has transformed into a digital arena. Mobile optimization and social media are common strategies to market products and services. Most Hong Kong businesses need to invest in pay-per-click ads (PPC) lead generation and search engine optimization (SEO). These marketing tasks need expertise. They are very challenging and time-consuming. This may be the reason why a digital marketing agency Hong Kong is very much in demand within this glamorous city.

What Is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency is a company that provides different online marketing services. Their main goal is to increase brand awareness and sales. This they can do by promoting the brand or business using interactive, measurable, and targeted digital expertise and technologies. Typically, businesses hire a digital marketing agency over an extended period. The purpose is to accomplish different marketing goals and objectives. At first, a digital marketing agency will develop the business website. If the business already has one, they will try to optimize the site. Afterwards, the agency will promote the products and services of the business in multiple digital channels. The promotion varies according to the agreement of both parties, assigned budget, industry type, and the timeframe agreed to market the business. A digital marketing agency will assign a team member or group to focus as a liaison for the business. The liaison will regularly report the progress of their marketing efforts to the management team.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

A digital marketing agency commonly focuses on 3 main tasks to promote a business and deliver measurable results. These are:

Improve your business. For a start, a digital marketing agency will evaluate a brand’s need. From there, they will formulate marketing strategies to maximize the profits of a business. These strategies include, first and foremost, improving the efficiency and productivity of the company. They will help you define your objectives clearly and set measurable goals to lift the business. The digital marketing agency will give you a clear definition of your buyer’s persona and the steps you need to do to convert them into loyal followers of the brand. After knowing your target well, they will take over messaging your audience and highlighting your brand’s unique value proposition (USP). Most likely, they will do their best to increase the sales of your products and services for your business to profit and thrive.

Lift your brand online through social media marketing. People in Hong Kong are now going social. More than 90% of them have a social media account. As of March 2021, the top 5 social media platforms in Hong Kong are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. A digital marketing agency also acts as a social media marketing agency Hong Kong. They have the expertise and tools to showcase a brand online. They will determine the right social media channels where you can reach your ideal buyers. As a market leader, they will create compelling content for your social media accounts. Equipped with modern expertise and tools, they will lift the brand’s organic search ranking.

Boost your Return on Investment (ROI). A high ROI means the business is doing well. It is equal to having a high profit. This is one of the most important tasks that a digital marketing agency can do. They will do their best to drive traffic to your website and social media accounts. They will never stop testing different strategies to boost your overall efficacy and ROI. Once they identify the most effective campaigns, they will rework those strategies to continue giving high revenue to businesses.

Why do Hong Kong Businesses Hire Digital Marketing Agencies?

According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong the marketing industry in Hong Kong remains a poor cousin of most Hong Kong businesses. They remained focused on traditional print and TV media. A large number of businesses are less likely to invest in online marketing. It is because the digital economy in the area is very young and companies are strongly attached to the traditional mindset. However, hiring a digital marketing agency gives a positive light to understanding the digital economy. Most Hong Kong businesses hire digital marketing agencies because of these top 4 reasons:

To have access to the expertise, skills, and technology they need. Hong Kong digital marketing agencies house a team of experts in different fields of digital marketing. These include content writers, graphic designers, SEO specialists, social media managers, videographers, and website designers. They also have the latest software and tools to deliver measurable marketing results.

To manage their digital marketing budget effectively. A clear benefit of hiring a digital marketing agency is optimizing and tracking the company’s marketing budget wisely. A digital agency knows where to spend more and spend less to get the highest ROI for every campaign. They have acquired such expertise from the years of experience they have in the marketing industry. 

To meet deadlines on time. Digital marketing is very time-consuming. Especially if you lack the right expertise, a digital marketing agency in Hong Kong can help businesses meet deadlines. They can help in the planning and development of marketing strategies. At the same time, they can execute multiple marketing strategies all at the same time. As such, businesses will reap their ROIs within their expected timelines.

To give the business a space to grow. Most Hong Kong businesses hire digital marketing agencies to gain new perspectives. They will learn a lot of valuable techniques while closely working with marketing experts. At the same time, they would free up their time from tedious marketing plans and executions. Such free time can be allotted to long-term planning and growth.