Facebook Products for the Next Era

Facebook Products for the Next Era

Facebook’s family of apps is on top of the most popular marketing platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights a large number of users each network has. They offer more potentials for brands and businesses to convert. 

The king of social media also leads when it comes to innovation and technology. It continuously rolls out new features and tools from time to time. Facebook’s goal is to connect the world and create a better user experience. So, they develop new products for the next era to enjoy. Here’s a list of new Facebook products for brands and businesses!


Brands and businesses most love the automation of Facebook ads. It is because they ease and simplify managing their digital presence. Ad Strategies accurately automate customer pipelines to optimize ad spending. Built-in automated responses and chatbots allow them to render 24/7 customer support. File Manager on Facebook Business Suite helps brands and businesses create, manage, and post content all in one hub. Split testing allows advertisers to compare many versions of a single campaign. It helps them know which resonates best. A video marketing agency Hong Kong notes a new feature on Instagram called Montage. Such a function allows Instagrammers to convert their Stories frames into engaging Reels. This tool can be a great option to liven up Stories ads. 

Click to Messenger Ads 

Around 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger. With such a use number, Facebook never missed creating tools to help brands and businesses to promote products and services using such a medium. Currently, there are three ways to advertise on Messenger:

  • Click to Messenger Ads
  • Messenger Inbox or Stories Ads
  • Sponsored Messages

Click-to-Messenger ads encourage people to send them a message via Messenger, Instagram Direct, or WhatsApp. They use Call-to-Action (CTAs) to influence conversions. People who use click to Messenger ads are 3x more likely to buy a brand, product, or service.

Brands and businesses can use click-to-Messenger ads for a variety of goals. Most of them use click-to-Messenger ads to communicate and connect to their audiences. Others use them to generate and qualify leads. Others aim to streamline the customer journeys. Besides, setting up lookalike custom audiences using click-to-Messenger ads allow hyper-targeting of Facebook users. 

Cross-App Business Conversation Tools 

A social media agency Hong Kong highlights cross-app business conversation tools as a vital Facebook product for the next era. With 75% of modern consumers wanting to communicate with brands and businesses via messaging, omnichannel communication matters. To simplify communication, the Facebook family of apps has updated its chat experience. First, the platform has integrated Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp in one inbox. Second, the platform enabled group chats and watch together in such an inbox. Third, cross-app business conversation tools also allow brands and businesses to collect data from possible leads through polls and surveys. As such, they can help drive better business results that include engagement, retention, and sales. 

Facebook Business Explore

Last April, Facebook started testing a new experience to help users discover brands and businesses. Facebook Business Explore is currently available among users in the following regions:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Explore puts brands and businesses in front of the new feeds of people actively looking for them. It is one of the best places online where one can discover shops. They also help people connect with brands, businesses, communities, and creators on Facebook. This latest Facebook product for the next also powers local searches.

Quote Request on Messenger

Here’s another Facebook product for the next era! Facebook is currently testing a quote request on Messenger via a small group of select advertisers. It is an exclusive function of a Facebook Page that allows shoppers to request a quote from a brand or business through Facebook Messenger. All they need to do is answer 4 to 5 questions to get the quote. The short questionnaire helps advertisers find and qualify leads on both Facebook and Instagram.

Work Accounts

To better help owners of brands and businesses to control and manage their teams, Facebook is currently testing “Work Accounts.” Work Accounts allow logging in on Facebook Business Manager without the need for a personal Facebook profile. It means that there will now be a separate credential for members of advertising and marketing teams from their personal Facebook accounts. Furthermore, work accounts allow brands and businesses to access enterprise-grade features and manage employees working on Facebook marketing. It also gives them more control over safety and security. Facebook is looking forward to globally launch work accounts in 2022. 


Facebook continuously updates its products to keep up with innovations and trends. So, brands and businesses should be flexible enough to optimize Facebook products for the next era!

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