NEW2205-001 Meta’s New Business Messaging Tools

Meta’s New Business Messaging Tools

Meta’s family of apps consists of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Today, the key to successful online marketing is integrating these platforms to work side by side in nurturing customers and prospects as a social media agency Hong Kong. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, it is important to customize a brand messaging based on the interest and needs of a customer or prospect. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights that video can catch their attention, but brand messaging is still the closing factor to a sale. Recently, Meta celebrated National Small Business Week. To participate in the event, the company new resources, and tools for small businesses. Below, are Meta’s new business messaging tools.


WhatsApp is reported to have 2 billion monthly active users as of January 2022. That is why one of the best ways to get discovered is to get discovered by a new customer is to open a WhatsApp chat. Soon, Meta will allow creating full ads using the WhatsApp business app. A business can use the WhatsApp Inbox to manage customer messages across Facebook and Instagram. It is currently under testing to centralize communication and easily manage multiple inboxes. For customers who opt-in or subscribe to promotional message campaigns, Meta Business Suite is also testing the capability to send promotions and updates via messaging on Messenger and WhatsApp.


Lead generation is the process of collecting data and information to build credibility and visibility among target audiences. It can help drive high-quality traffic to a website with higher chances of conversions and sales. To help small businesses grow their customer base, Meta is launching the following lead generation features and tools:

  • Creative Flexibility allows marketers to add content and visuals to instant forms. They can be a great way to show the nature of the business and nurture people’s interests.
  • Gated Content is exclusive and relevant content for people who have completed the Lead Ads Instant Form. These can be extra resources that can help them better learn about the brand, product, or service.
  • Lead Filtering with Instant Forms allows small businesses to filter leads based on the multiple questions they have answered. It makes it easy for them to find a good fit for a Facebook or Instagram ad or campaign.
  • Partner Integrations allow small businesses to download lead information directly on their own CRM. As such, they can follow up on potential leads easily and quickly.
  • Quote Request on Instagram is currently under beta test to a small number of select businesses. It features a “Get a Quote” button or sticker in Instagram Stories. The button sets up custom questions to validate customers. After filling out a short questionnaire, Instagrammers can quickly request a quote from the business.